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Tricks Class for Dogs

Are you looking for fun things to do with your dog?  Who doesn’t love doing tricks with their dog?
Look no further! Our dog tricks class is second to none 🙂  It is a fun-filled class where you and your pooch will master multiple doggy tricks; enough that you’ll amaze your friends and family.
This class is great if considering a therapy dog career.  The tricks learned here will really bow-wow audiences at nursing homes and hospitals!
Dogs love to perform, teach them!

Why Our Dog Tricks Class Program?

We are the premier dog training organization in the Midwest; we have seen more dogs than all other training organizations combined.  We know that dogs are natural performers, therefore they’ll have a blast learning new tricks so that they may entertain you and your family.  It’s their job 🙂
Our Dog Tricks Class is only 3 weeks long (and moderately priced), where we will teach you 16 different tricks that will provide a fun adventure for you both; you’ll be the talk of your family and friends.  Bring the whole family, as this is a fun experience that the kids should also enjoy.
Due to the fun nature of this class, your dog’s confidence will improve, and you’ll improve communication as well.  Expect to also cement the bond between you both even further. The benefits are endless!

Choose K9U's Trick Class and expect:

The Best Trick Class In The Industry
Individualized Care
Professional Staff
A safe and Secure Environment
Are you ready to try our Tricks Class?  We’re ready for you 🙂 Email us today, or call 405-621-5635 to schedule your class.
This class is 3 weeks long, and new Trick Classes are scheduled often, so please contact us for the next available class.  We will confirm your class through email or a phone call within 48 hours. You may also call 405-621-5635 if you have questions not listed.
Prerequisite: A Dog of any age!  Age-appropriate vaccinations. Also, bring your dogs most favorite treats and toy, as these will be used ONLY for dog tricks going forward 🙂
Dog Tricks
Our Team

Benefits Of Working With Our Experienced Team

Deliver Results

K9U has successfully trained more dogs than any other trainer or organization in the Midwest.

Our Staff

Our experienced trainers are K9 University certified and are required to continue their education monthly.

Our Facility

We have a beautiful, two-acre manicured facility with a 5,000 sq ft, climate-controlled building….
At K9U, we teach you 16 Tricks so that you and your pooch may have the best chance at performing. Examples of these dog TRICKS are:
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