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Day Camp Training

K9U Day Camp

Professional Dog Training while in Day Camp
K9U’s Day Camp program is another excellent option for dog owners who want their pets to receive professional training. This program is specifically designed for families who can drop their dogs off daily, enabling our qualified and experienced trainers to work with them on unwanted behaviors, and training while the owners are at work. We can work on any behavior your dog is displaying.
This program is ideal for busy families who are unable to train their dogs due to work or other commitments.
Our Day Camp option is similar to Boarding School where we do the training for you in our facility, however, with this option, your dog is home with you each night to do homework in your care. You can come in as often or little as desired! The trainer will work with you and guide you on what’s best for your dog every step of the way! The goal is to progress with the training at the rate the family needs and also able to cement the new training and new behaviors.

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Day Camp Training

When you choose K9 University, you can expect:

A safe and secure environment
Individualized care
Tailored training program
Professional staff
Convenient location
Effective Copy Written training program
K9U Boarding School

Let Our Experts Do The Work For You

Our certified professional trainers work in a structured, disciplined, and organized environment to provide your dog with the best possible and most effective training. Your dog becomes our pet each day you drop him/her off for training; during this time we will address the issues discussed and work towards your desired training outcomes.
Our Day Camp program is highly effective due to our careful assessment of the dog’s training issues, the customized training plan, and our proven positive reinforcement methods. We accept puppies as young as 8 weeks old and there is no real age limit for our program. It even works on senior citizen dogs with established behaviors.
Day Camp training
K9U’s Boarding School is not limited to any specific type of dog or breed; we can and will meet the needs and criteria of owners looking to train any behavior.  Some examples of these behaviors are:
Each day when you pick up you fur-friend, we’ll go over what we covered during the day, and how to accomplish your homework.

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Benefits Of Working With Our Experienced Team

Deliver Results

K9U has successfully trained more dogs than any other trainer or organization in the Midwest.

Our Staff

Our experienced trainers are K9 University certified and are required to continue their education monthly.

Our Facility

We have a beautiful, two-acre manicured facility with a 5,000 sq ft, climate-controlled building….
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