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About K9 University

We are an Ivy League dog educational institution focusing on dog training needs from the very basic, to the very advanced, and specialized training. We are the training resource that experts seek and consult when dealing with problem dogs, complex situations, and behavioral issues, as well as dogs that simply have bad habits. We have successfully trained more dogs and their owners than anyone in the Midwest, and proud to be a positive staple in our community.
We are recommended by most Oklahoma veterinarians because we deliver results!
K9 University, Oklahoma City

Our Facility

Doggy storm shelter
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Our services

Boarding School

If you are a dog owner looking for professional training for your dog or puppy, K9U Boarding School is the...

Puppy Training

At K9 University, we believe that all puppies deserve to be well-trained and...

Obedience Classes

At K9 University, we understand that your pet is an important part of...

Private Lessons

If you are a dog owner looking for private professional training for your dog or puppy, our Private Lessons are...

Behavior Curbing

If you are looking to correct simple to severe behaviors on your dog, look no further, our Behavior Curbing program...

Canine Good Citizen

Our Canine Good Citizen CGC® training is one of the programs for any dog wanting to reach Therapy Dog status...

Avoid Dog Bites

If you are a service person needing to enter property that may have dogs present, this is the program to teach you how to avoid dog bites...

Group Training

At K9 University, we offer many group classes where your pup or dog will reach their training potential...

Our Team

Benefits Of Working With Our Experienced Team

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Certified K9 University trainers
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Monthly Continuing Education
group obedience class

Successfully trained more dogs than any other trainer or organization in the Midwest

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