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The Best K9 Personal Protection Dog Training School in the Country

K9 University’s “Personal Protection Training” is designed to teach your own dog how to defend you on command. This program teaches them the art of controlled defense work (protection).  A qualified dog will learn to discourage an intruder(command bark), and build on that bark as the intruder approaches closer, and when commanded, bite the intruder with a powerful paralyzing bite. This protection program also teaches the handler how to handle this new weapon, as well as the legalities of using this type of stopping force.

Protection training is not to be confused for Schutzhund Training, nor Schutzhund Title training (also, fine training performed by excellent trainers for the purpose of sport).  K9U’s Personal Protection Training is designed specifically for the family requiring personal protection provided by one of “mother nature’s” most intimidating friends (your canine).

Let an intruder come in to visit now !!!

Rest assured that your dog will continue to be the friendly puppy you have grown up with, and will not change his behavior with the family or friends.  However, your dog will muster courage, and gather abilities that will stop any intruder dead in their tracks.

This type of training is very specialized and requires a dog that will test positive for this type of work. If you are interested in this program, please call us (405-231-4335) to schedule an appointment for an evaluation to identify if your dog is suited for this program.

If you do not have a dog presently and are still fascinated by the topic and protection possibilities, call us to discuss the possibilities of purchasing a fully trained adult protection canine.  You may also email us for additional information.

Due to our overwhelming training schedule, we only accept Personal Protection Dog candidates that have been selected during a thorough consultation session.

Prerequisite: K9U Trainer evaluation. Current vaccinations.

Aptitude Test

Our dog aptitude test designed for puppies

Protection Dogs

Executive & family protection dogs

Dog Levels & Rates

K9 University’s Personal & Family Protection Dog

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Aptitude Test

Here’s our dog aptitude test designed for puppies, although it can also be executed on adults and young adults for the same purpose.  We originally took an East German version of a well-structured aptitude test created in the late 1800’s and applied our own patented Perfect Balance© twist, and voila!

The idea is to run each test consecutively without much of a break until complete, then, measure the results based on the tables below.  When interpreting the results, you will need to be emotionally distant.  Let the data speak for itself, and not your heart.  All puppies grow up, so you’ll need to look at this addition as a 10-year commitment.

Download our FREE Aptitude Test to learn the following:

How our test works

How to score your dog

How to execute the test

Protection Dogs

Welcome to our Personal Protection pack. Unfortunately, our inventory of available dogs is sometimes larger, or smaller than this page can possibly keep-up with (please bare with us). The industry is demanding more well-trained dogs than this page can manage.

Please call us for a description and list of our present dogs. Our dogs are great family dogs and well adjusted to live in an environment suited for a typical family, kids, adults, etc. A great protection dog is one that fits into your model and lives very well among your pack.

Watch some of our past candidates demonstrating their personal protection skills

Dog Levels & Rates

Our K9U Level-I Personal Protection Dog is trained to show an aggressive display on command. These dogs will display teeth, and display an aggressive stance when commanded to do so (GUARD). This dog will also bite and hold on command (competitor Level-I dogs DO NOT bite).

Our Level-I dogs are trained to defend themselves and the family; and will do it ON command, or on their own if you are subject of an unexpected assault.

Cost $9,500 to $12,500

4-6 Month Waiting Period

Our K9U Level-II Personal Protection Dog has similar stance and command language as in the Level-I dog; however, the Level-II dog has also been trained to know how to best win fights with an aggressor. This dog will not back-off from any intruder.

Possesses a strong command language where he’ll be able to bite and release a bite on command. This dog’s bite is full, hard and bone crushing. This dog has been trained to counter all attempts of an assailant to fight or get away. This dog will maintain a safe perimeter around your family and you.

Cost $12,500 to $19,500

4-6 Month Waiting Period

Our K9U Level-III Family Protection Dog has received all of the training mentioned in the Level-II dog, plus has learned to fight multiple assailants by biting and holding the first one that makes an aggressive move, while watching the others,  then biting and holding the second one that makes an aggressive move, while watching all the others, and so on…

This dog will never give up a fight, no matter how many assailants are present.

This dog can be sent off-leash on an assailant at a distance (if required), he will chase them down and bite them,  or, he can be CALLED-OFF before a bite. He will then guard the intruder, bite them, or return to you on command.  A Level-III dog will use his legs, body, teeth, or any other body part to do the job. Will jump over furniture or any obstacle to get the assailant – an efficient fighter.

Has been trained to defend against home invasions and car assaults (kidnapping).

Cost – $19,500 and up

4-6 Month Waiting Period

We guarantee our dogs to be free of genetic defects (including dysplasia), and guarantee them to have balanced drives, nerves and temperament. The best health warranty in the business. Don’t settle for less!