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Oklahoma’s Best Canine Fitness Camp Program

Are you looking for better fitness from your furry friend?

Over the years, we have noticed that we love our dogs too much with our offerings. Treat offerings, meal offerings, table scrap offerings, and not enough quality exercise. Often, even when we do the right thing as in measuring their portions, we find that our dogs still do not respond well to the new diet. 

After surgery or illness, we sometimes find that some dogs struggle to take off, or put weight on; most often due to metabolic issues not considered. Bottom line is that they are on a downward spiral, not able to get back to their old selves due to hard to assess problems. A well-structured fitness program is then needed. 

Why is that?

Well, as it turns out, most dogs have different dietary needs, not due to specific breed needs, but more so about and metabolism. Most dogs will need a customized approach to their diet and exercise due to their own specific metabolism. It’s easy to understand that high energy dogs burn more calories than low energy dogs. What is also interesting to the subject is that every dog will metabolize their intake differently, therefore getting more or less nutritional value from their meal. These same dogs will often respond differently to exercise as well.

What’s the answer? Fitness Camp!

Our K9U Canine Fitness Camp takes a simple and pragmatic approach to addressing these health issues, as we understand that getting our dogs in the proper shape is not just about portion control, it is a matter of constructing a comprehensive fitness plan that includes nutrition, a monitored exercise plan, and detailed tracking of all activities to properly measure progress. Tracking progress is very important as adjustments must be made timely and often, to ensure fitness success.

We’ve all been exposed to the concept of “switching our dogs to THIS or THAT new fangle-dangle food, and then see if it works in the next month”. As many times as I’ve heard this, I’ve convinced myself that this concept is a very antiquated approach to managing a diet! Experimenting for a whole month, while waiting to see what happens is simply NOT a scientific approach to anything, certainly not for the health of your best friend. Often expensive, creating gastric stress.

You must assess their present state, research where they need to be, write a detailed all-inclusive comprehensive fitness plan, and then judiciously follow it, while meticulously track all aspects.

Upon arrival to our K9U Fitness Center, candidates meet with a camp counselor and receive a detailed one-on-one evaluation. Weight and measurements are taken, and an evaluation of their history, background, and abilities are assessed. Your veterinarian will be consulted to ensure the healthiest approach to the fitness plan. This includes an assessment of their overall drive and stamina. The goal is to fully comprehend the dog’s present capabilities, and where he/she was before the issues started, as well as where the dog needs to be (considering age, breed, activity and ability). 

Once the assessment and planning phase is complete, the real work begins, and timely systematic feedings are tracked. However, it’s important to fully understand the nutritional value of the diet being offered, and how that will help the overall goal of either gaining weight, or losing weight. Fat content, protein, calories, and fillers must all be taken into consideration. All too often, high-end food also has a high level of fat, which will not help if you’re trying to take weight off your dog. On the other hand, it may be the correct feeding if you need to add weight.

Once nutrition is fully understood, and a clear path is identified, the exercise fitness program begins. We must be able to safely help them burn more calories than consumed, IF the goal is to lose weight; the opposite is true if we’re looking to add weight to our fur-client. We introduce entry-level basic treadmill sessions in an effort to build stamina, and then work the dog up to more elaborate sessions. The idea is to raise the level of exercise in a controlled scientific manner as to not hurt the process.

Whether building muscle mass or burning fat, treadmill work is beneficial to most fitness plans.

Once the dog has built its stamina and is showing basic ability, they are ready to be introduced to nature hikes, jogs, or swimming. This properly conditions the dog for endurance. Our nature hikes are based on a 2-mile wooded track through our own manicured property, alongside our pond; throughout 7 acres (our private grounds are safely protected, treated and maintained).

A fitness program of this level would not be successful or complete if we did not also include PLAY time. Yes, your dog will also receive additional one-on-one attention while playing with our staff. Whether they retrieve a ball, chase balls or a toy, play with one of our camp counselors, or one of our “safe” camp dogs, the goal is to ensure the dog has a blast each day. The basic idea is to make these visits FUN, and therefore creating a new way of life for them. Nothing rejuvenates a dog better than a quality fun play session.

You, on the other hand, will learn how to properly and easily manage your dog’s nutritional needs and exercise requirements, for the fitness level required, and the longevity desired.

On completion of this program, your dog will be healthier, and you will be able to confidently manage their life with better skills while using your very own personalized nutritional / exercise guide.

K9U Fitness Camp sessions start daily. Please contact us for an evaluation and rates, or additional information.

Prerequisite: A Dog! Ohh yeah, proof of current vaccinations are also needed.

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