So, What Training Option is Best for Me?


     We are often asked about the differences in Boarding School Training versus Private In-Home Training or Group Training Classes, and which one, we think works best and we prefer.  The answer is not black and white, but we have narrowed it down for you. 

Happy Boot DogThe key to successful dog training is always consistency. In our experience, the boarding school option has a better success rate than most in-home training or group classes.  This is the most challenging part of private in-home training or group classes.  Once the trainer has been to your home and instructed you on what to do – the ball lies in your court to do ALL the follow-up work.  You must commit time to constantly interrupt and redirect the unwanted behaviors every time your dog performs them, and timely reward as soon as your dog displays the correct behavior.  Many of our redirections involve obedience commands, so you need to carve out time to work on that as well.  It can be done, but life gets in the way!  Without good follow-up work, your dog will begin to take over.

Our experience shows combining boarding school Consuelo-IMG_2454with private in-home lessons or group classes results in a very high success rate.  The boarding school time allows the trainer the time and consistency to teach your dog all of the obedience tasks, work on addressing common negative behaviors and reinforcing good behaviors consistently throughout the day.  Once your dog has completed their training (yours should begin.)  Dog training, in general, is about 40% training of the dog and 60% training of the owner.  The good news is that you can catch up quickly!   Once you understand the way your dog learns and what causes them to act the way they do, addressing the issues are very easy.  Many people think they should be the one that trains their dog. With the boarding school option, you still get that.   However, normally it is very difficult to teach your dog while you too are learning how to do it as well.  That is one of the challenges of in-home training or group classes.  Not only are YOU learning how to interrupt, redirect and praise your dog, but you are also trying to teach THEM at the same time.

IMG_2713Private in-home training can be beneficial for clients as well.  If your dog has an understanding of obedience and you have behaviors that need to be addressed, private lessons could be very helpful, and possibly all that you need. 

Group Classes are great for puppies and dogs who need to socialize in a positive and controlled environment.  As well as for people who have the time to come to weekly classes.  Handlers will need to learn the training routines in parallel to their dog, but it is also an effective training program providing you have the positive time to spend with your dog.

No matter the training option you choose, it should be based on your personal situation and your individual needs.

You should consider these factors when choosing your training program:

  • What do I need to fix? – obedience? behavior? socialization? all three?
  • What is my dog training budget?
  • What are my expectations?  What can, and cannot be accomplished based on your commitment and ability?
  • What are the outside factors in your training plans?  Other dogs, children, work, etc.
  • How much time do I have?  Realistically, how much time to I have to work with the dog?

Armed with this information, you can make an educated decision that is aimed basicat success.  Here at K9 University, we offer all of the above-mentioned options to best fit your needs. We offer Boarding School that is customized to fit your dog’s style of learning, your goals, and your budget.  We basically do all the dog-work, and we then train the human to command their new dog.  We also offer several stages of group classes, each will address any common behaviors you may be experiencing at home. Our private lessons can be done at our facility or in your home and will be tailored to fit your specific needs.

We hope this has helped you in making the best decision possible for your dog and your family.  A dog can easily bring stress or incredible joy to a home; training is what determines this outcome.  Check us out at