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Press Release: All Business Media FM Interviews DogMan

November 2017. 
ABMFMLOGOOn Friday, November 3rd, 2017 at 4:30PM EST (3:30PM CST), Angel Soriano, CEO of K9 University, will be a LIVE guest on All Business Media FM.
Located on seven beautifully manicured acres, K9 University is the premiere canine educational institution of the Midwest. Recommended by veterinarians across Oklahoma state, K9 University provides multiple services including general obedience, protection training, search and rescue, behavioral curbing, and their renowned Dog Bite Safety program…..

Mr. Soriano will also have upcoming interviews on All Business Media FM on Thursday, November 9th and Friday, November 17th at 4:30PM EST (3:30PM CST). During these interviews, listeners are welcome to call the studio with any questions they may have for Mr. Soriano.  Tune in here…


Press Release: “Canines Bridge the Gap Between Conservation and Development

September 2015

K9 University completes a research study where dogs were used to significantly help the American Burying Beetle along with energy and land developers.  “The truth of the matter is that until now, there has only been one solution offered for developers, purchase expensive mitigation credits, which then gives that developer the right to kill these beetles when found on site,” said Angel Soriano, CEO of K9 University, LLC. “We put our teams to work and developed a better method than pay-to-kill, it’s really that simple.”  more….. 


K9 University Publishes White Paper:  “Using Canines to Detect Carrion in Support of the American Burying Beetle
August 2015

The American Burying Beetle was federally listed as an endangered species in July 1989, and until now, there have been but a few archaic methods to attempt to protect it. Today, with the utilization of properly trained canines, we have the ability to efficiently and effectively protect the species, while allowing safe development of lands which inhabit the species. Dogs are used in the industry for many talented duties such explosives, narcotics, and even cancer detection. Until this new research, they had not been used for protecting wildlife while also allowing safe development of affected lands…. more



Con-Way Hosts K-9 University Demonstration
June 2015

JOPLIN, MO.— Representatives from K-9 University discuss the talents and abilities of their drug dogs. It was a part of Con-Way’s monthly safety meeting.

The demonstration illustrated how well the dogs are trained to detect drugs. The seminar also provided Con-Way employees with information on the repercussions of illegal drug use on the job. However, according to Con-Way management, it’s a problem that appears to be a rare occurrence….





BarkBox Goes to K9 University, or Vice Versa
February 2015  

Barkbox recently visit us and shot some video in our facility, as they were trying to capture some footage for a new video idea.  Here’s their final video production.




Dean Calderon Captured on Video

PR News; May 31, 2011



Announcing “Spring Bark & Wine Party” – Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK— The Central Oklahoma Humane Society (OK Humane) and K9 University are excited to announce the “Spring Bark (and wine) Party”.  The event will be held on Saturday, April 3rd from 1–5 PM at K9 University.

At the event, there will be dogs available for adoption from multiple pet adoption agencies located in the Oklahoma City metro.  The goal is to adopt out twenty of these animals into their forever homes, while also raising awareness about animal welfare in Oklahoma City.  There will also be wine tasting sponsored by “Speakeasy’s Wine and Spirits”, and local pet services vendors.

“As a result of this great adoption event, it is my hope that some wonderful pets find their final homes.  I’d like to set a target and a challenge of twenty adoptions for Saturday”.  Says K9 University founder Angel Soriano. 

Angel Soriano will be hosting demonstrations every hour with his highly skilled search and rescue, detection, and agility dogs.  K9 University will also be making a donation to OK Humane for every dog adopted at the event.

K9 University is located at 9217 NW Expressway in Oklahoma City.  For more information, please visit www.myk9u.com.

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that exists to enrich the communities it serves by promoting the well-being of animals.


Dean Calderon to Open K9 University’s 2010 Dog Training Seminar Series

PR News; March 2, 2010



K9 University Launches ‘Occupational Dog Bite Prevention’ Training for Veterinary Staff Professionals – PR News; February 7, 2010.

Oklahoma City, OK — In an effort to take the bite out of the risks involved for veterinary professionals when handling aggressive dogs, K9 University, provider of dog services and dog behavior training seminars, has launched ‘Occupational Dog Bite Prevention’, a comprehensive dog safety and handling training course for veterinarians, vet techs and office staff. continue >




Poodle offers happiness, motivation to patients at Integris Baptist Medical Center – Dec 17, 2009


Therapy dog visits patients

Three–year-old Rossi gets around. She has quite the social life and knows a lot of people. On Mondays, the bushy-headed standard poodle socializes with children and parents at Belle Isle Library. On Wednesdays, the registered therapy dog makes hospital rounds at Integris Baptist MedicalCenter.

Actually, people are socializing with her. At the library, the children are reading library books or books they have brought from home, or they are telling Rossi a story. She listens intently whether the children speak English or Spanish. She brings out the best in the children who might not want to read out loud to parents, teachers or their peers.

Rossi is uncomplaining. She doesn’t care how long it takes to hear a story from a child.

Rossi also visits sick patients. She brings laughter and smiles when her owner and handler, Judy Savage, knocks on a patient’s door and announces their arrival.  Read More on Rossi



Be a Foster; Save a Life – November 2009


The OKC Animal Shelter’s Volunteer Foster Care Program provides temporary housing and care for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who aren’t quite ready for adoption.

Their network of foster volunteers helps them save the lives of hundreds of animals each year and they continue to look for loving homes like yours to help these animals in need of a little extra time and care.

If you are interested in joining the Foster Volunteer Team at OKC’s Animal Shelter, contact Mary Long at 405-316-6018 or email Mary.





I’m All Ears – October 2009 by Chelsey Simpson – Oklahoma Living

Dogs: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. At least that’s how you might feel if your favorite canine companion is chewing up your shoes, digging up your yard and tackling you with the force of a defensive lineman every time you walk through the door.

It doesn’t have to be that way, says local dog trainer Angel Soriano, who has spent nearly 25 years helping people and their pets live in harmony. Soriano, who is also known as “DogMan,” owns K9 University in Oklahoma City, which offers training ranging from basic obedience classes to advanced protection, agility and drug detection. We asked DogMan to give us his perspective on training and a few of the most troubling issues that most owners face. >




12 Week Old Kitten Thrown from Car – August 22, 2009 The Bella Foundation

According to Eric McCune’s (President of The Bella Foundation) press release, a 12 week old kitten was violently thrown from a car on Saturday. Read the press release and get involved — act now…

A horrible act on a defenseless creature. Let’s try to find the guilty. 



K9 University Named 2008 Small Business Of The Year

January 30, 2008; Yukon Review

Yukon – DogMan (aka Angel Soriano) was sited during the Yukon Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet on January 30th as operating their choice for the “Small Business of the Year”. An honor only placed with those business that have earned this privilege by their community service and involvement, as well as a successful business track record.



Security Dogs In Demand As Crime Rates Rise – September 25, 2008

by Brian Brus; The Journal Record

OKLAHOMA CITY – A tough economy means a strong job market for immigrants – at least in the case of German Shepherds, Angel Soriano said in an interview with The Journal Record this week.

“Where other industries seem to be hurting, certainly the security industry does not,” said Soriano, operator of K9 University in Oklahoma City.



Low Stress, Lots of Love: It’s a dog trainers life – August 15, 2008.By Paula Burks; NewsOK.Com

Angel Soriano can’t recall a time he wasn’t around dogs. When he was a boy in New Jersey, his dad always owned a couple of German shepherds. Today, Soriano has five shepherds at home. At work — at K9 University in northwest Oklahoma City — he’s surrounded by all breeds of pooches. >

Canadian County Sheriffs Get New Drug Dogs – August 15, 2008. By KSBI TV-52 News

The Canadian County Sheriff’s Department is increasing its presence in the metro by adding a few good men.  But it’s not who you might expect.  Two canines will help catch people bringing drugs into the county.

A few years back, three canine units worked hard patrolling the area and finding millions of dollars in contraband.  So, new Sheriff-Elect Randy Edwards, promised to bring it back.  And with a little help, he was able to do that even before he took office.

Asta, a 13-month-old German Shepard is the newest addition to the Canadian County Sheriff’s Department, which was donated byK9 University.



“DogMan” seen in “The Ladies Room” – July 2008 By NewsOK – News9.com 

Angel Soriano (aka.: DogMan) was recently interviewed by Angi, Paige,
and Jacquelyn from “The Ladies Room” on News9.   What is K9 University up to now? and why in “The Ladies Room?”


Continue reading below for some of the best Dog Stories; Dog News; Dog Training Information; Dog Health Information; Family Dog Amazing Stories; Breed Dog Information; Dog Foundation News and More. Stay tune for more stories as they become available. >



Hundreds Affected by Tainted Pet Food – March 21, 2007 Inside Edition

Pet owners across North America are on alert thanks to the news that a Canadian pet food producer is recalling its product after two dozen pets died from eating it. One California family has been sitting vigil with their dog Pebbles who has been lying listless in a California animal hospital hooked up to an IV.  “There are people who say it’s just a dog.  I get that but she’s just more than that,” Jeff Kerner, owner of Pebbles said on the verge of tears. Pebbles, an adorable seven-year-old Yorkshire terrier, is suffering from kidney failure – apparently the victim of tainted dog food.  Jeff and his daughter Michelle say they were shocked when their healthy dog suddenly became extremely ill. “She all of a sudden just vomited up her food,” Jeff said.  “She got really lethargic and wanted to sleep.”

It’s a terrifying scene that is also being played out all around the country with hundreds – possibly thousands of dogs and cats becoming sick after eating contaminated food.    More than 60 million packages of dog and cat food have now been recalled.  Officials say all the contaminated food was produced by Menu Foods at their plant in Kansas between December 3rd and March 6th. The recall affects mostly wet “cuts and gravy” food sold under several name brands including Mighty Dog and Iams.

If your pet displays signs such as loss of appetite, is lethargic, vomits, is excessively thirsty, or has diarrhea; your pet may be displaying signs of kidney failure. Contact your veterinarian immediately.

You may also contact: ASPCA – 888-426-4435 (24 hours a day – 7 days a week). May charge a $55 fee for consultation. K-State University – 785-532-5679 (24 hours a day – 7 days a week). No charge for consultation.

Source: FDA


“First Friend Club” / Canadian County 4H Club – August 19, 2006

Angel Soriano, K9 Press

Our very own graduates are getting involved in more doggy stuff. Yes, Debbie Doggett and Erica Doggett along with Daisy, their Golden Retriever, have all attended Puppy, Basic Obedience, Intermediate obedience, and are now heavy in a CGC / Therapy Dog Training program. To the big news; they have started a small animal club, which is sanctioned by the 4H Club, this new club is called “First Friend Club”.

All dogs entering the “First Friend Club” must have current vaccinations, must be in good health, must have a collar with an ID tag, must be on leash, and must have a crate. All owners should also provide a water bowl, and a water bottle for their pet. Liability insurance payment is $1 per youth.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how to get involved with this exciting new club, email Debbie and ask your questions. Get involved now, you’ll love it. Club meetings usually take place at K9 University.


Therapy Dog Training at the University – August 16, 2006

Angel Soriano, K9 Press

Did you know that most dogs are wired to work? YES, work !!!. It is your job to figure out what that job may be. A canine job does not necessarily need to be that impressive Police Canine catching criminals, or finding drugs, or even a Search and Rescue dog finding a stranded victim somewhere. It can be, that great family companion; how about the barking watchdog, or even just doing obedience; or Agility work; it can be as simple as going for walks (your own personal walking companion). All of these tasks are considered working tasks.

There is also the so impressive Therapy Dog. This is the dog and owner team that dedicate some of their time to go visit rest homes, or children centers or oven public engagements for the sole purpose of being therapeutic to someone who may enjoy the presence of a great mannered dog. These future Therapy Dogs are everywhere, and most people do not recognize them. They go unnoticed for this so important job, where they could be doing great service to someone. Let’s not underplay your own feelings of actually owning one of these greatly trained specimens. There is an unmistakable pleasure we receive out of witnessing people in less than fortunate conditions actually play or pet, or even brush your furry friend. The smiles are beyond this world, and the work you do is simply a gift from above — therapy at work !

Is your dog a candidate for Therapy Dog Training? Are you a candidate for Therapy Dog handling? To find out more, call your favorite trainer (K9U) and schedule an evaluation.


Did You Get A Puppy For Christmas?  –  December 29, 2005.

Angel Soriano, K9 Press

Many people bring home their new puppy at Christmas and are full of dreams about having a perfect companion who will be their best friend forever.   American families share their homes with an estimated 68 million dogs, that means that 32% of all homes have one or more dogs.

How does a new puppy turn into a great dog and companion?   This is not by accident.   The job of house training, curbing chewing, mouthing, jumping, and learning to be left alone when no one can watch them, will all need to be addressed urgently.   Any behavioral issue that is not addressed as a puppy will be more difficult to handle later.

50% of all children under the age of 13 will be bitten by a dog in their lifetime?    Family dogs, or friend’s dogs cause 85% of all dog bites.   Approximately 334,000 dog bites are treated in emergency rooms each year (Centers for Disease Control – CDC).   99% of all dog bites are preventable.   All of these behavioral issues causing these statistics started when your dog was a puppy, and were most likely dismissed as cute, or funny.

All this to say that if you have a puppy, you’ll need training.   Start now by calling your favorite dog trainer and get the help you’ll need.   Ensure they offer behavioral classes for your pup, and accept training only from a certified trainer.   If you are one that adopted an adult dog, your new adult dog can also be trained; enroll in training immediately, do your homework, and have lots of patience.  Adult dogs require more training energy and patience from you, but you CAN be successful.

Merry Christmas, enjoy your new addition, and most importantly, train your little friend.   There is no replacing today.


Therapy dogs fight off loneliness – December 27, 2005

The Oklahoman, Associated Press

Tulsa — Four-legged therapists are providing lots of companionship to residents of a Tulsa nursing home.    Pistol, Pete, Patience, and Patches are therapy dogs that Oklahoma State University professor Sherril Stone uses to test the importance of human-pet relationships.

The dogs, each with a two-legged escort, circulate through the nursing home, ignoring wheelchairs, and oxygen tanks to focus instead on the people.

Stone, assistant professor and director of research for OSU’s Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, said there are many theories as to why people enjoy animals, but she believes the human-animal bond has to do with unconditional love.    For nursing home resident Paul Standley, the animal visits help break up the monotony of his days.    “I have more time than anything else and this helps break up the time”, said Standley, 53, who has had several strokes.   “I love dogs — I had four growing up.   I look forward to this.”

Maxine Franis, 83, shares a similar sentiment and believes the dogs not only give people something to look forward to, but help “lift up their spirits.”   Franis’ thoughts are in line with research in the field of human and animal relations, Stone said.    Animals have been shown to lower people’s blood pressure, lead to a longer life and ease depression, she said.


Lost Dog Statistics – July 27, 2005 National News

Did you know that the most commonly lost dog in America is the Labrador Retriever.   Their high energy and typical friendly behavior makes them a target for both wanting to roam and escape, as well as keeping them from being returned to their rightful owner.   News flash folks; if you found a dog, and kept him, he will most likely escape again.

Here are the top 9 most commonly lost dogs in America.

       1- Labrador Retriever

       2- German Shepherd

       3- Mutt

       4- Chihuahua

       5- Pit Bull

       6- Dachshund

       7- Jack Russell Terrier

       8- Golden Retriever

       9- Chow Chow


Yukon Review (OK) – May 21, 2005

Our “Avoiding Dog Bites” class was a total success.   If we can eliminate a single dog bite by this education, we consider it a great day.   The statistics are overwhelming.



Daily Oklahoman (OK) – April 20, 2005

Just one more great story that truly defines the great temperament of our furry friends.  Read on, this a great story.



Dogs are constantly in the news

Dogs are in the news for many reasons. Search and rescue stories are frequent and are a wonderful testament to the versatility and courage of our K9 friends. We also hear about dogs saving their owners by alerting them to danger, protecting them from harm, and as valuable living companions to the sick, young, and others who enjoy their famous faithfulness.

We can help provide additional depth of understanding to you concerning the incredible capabilities that dogs have to enrich our lives. Check back here often to hear more about dogs and the roles they play in our world.

We’re always looking for great dog stories, if you have one and would like to share it with us, please email us. 



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