*Dog Jumping on You? *Mouthing You?


dog jumping on woman.

Are you tired of the dog jumping on your guest?  Mouthing?
So are they!!!

Maybe displaying other nuisances?

Pulls on Leash?  Does not Listen? Potty Training? Marking? Bolting? Scratching? Begging? Chewing? Biting-Nipping? Hyperactivity? Not Coming? Jumps on People? Digging? Barking? Aggression? Anxiety?


Get it fixed NOW! ~~It’s NEVER too late!

 .What Others Are Saying…

image of dog in class


Angel and his magnificent staff of trainers worked wonders with Kimber.  Thank you.
Jamie Brock.




image of cute puppy in class

“Trigger is a new man !!!  He’s so polite, darling, wonderful and amazing.  I’m incredibly impressed with the training he received at K9U.
– The Willefords.




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