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    Welcome to K9 University’s Personal Protection dog program. We offer a wide range of canine Personal Protection options for you and your family. Our trained Protection dogs are typically dogs that have been imported from Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia; in addition, some of our protection dogs are also offspring’s from these great import dogs.

We believe in educating our clients the best way possible. We do this by researching and posting industry information, and FBI crime statistics to ensure you understand the reason why we do, what we do, with our Personal Protection dogs. These are NOT sport dogs; our dogs have been trained to bite on command and cause real injury to a REAL criminal. We understand that crime is more likely to occur in your home or life environment, much more so than our training fields, therefore, our dogs are trained to bite if assaulted in your car, or home, or while going for a walk. There is no situation where our dogs will not bite on command.

We spend significant time training you, the owner and handler of these wonderful creatures to know when and how to turn the dog on and off. These are incredibly well behaved obedient dogs that will play with your kids, and hang with the family till the day you are assaulted — they then become the most protective crime-stopper known, who is willing to put himself between its family and the threat.

A well trained Personal Protection Dog will protect your house or business with unbelievable determination.

A would-be criminal will think twice before crossing the line !!! 


Family, Executive, German Shepherd, K9, VIP, Trained Protection Dogs

We guarantee our dogs to be free of genetic defects (including dysplasia), and guarantee them to have balanced drives, nerves, and temperament. The best health warranty in the businessDon’t settle for less!

Call at 405-231-4335 or visit us for more information.  We are proud of our German Shepherds, and we offer the only guarantee in the industry that shows our commitment to bettering this magnificent creature. 


Do You Know the Scary Statistics?*

  • home invasion occurs every 15 seconds. 1 in 5 homes will experience a home invasion in America. 
  • America experiences over 8,000 home invasions p/day.
  • 60% of ALL RAPES occur during home invasions.
  • Home invaders target the RESIDENT, not the residence.
  • Home invaders enjoy the intimidation and domination aspects of the crime.
  • 47% of home invasions report severe injuries.
  • 100% of home invasions CAN be avoided. 

                                                                                                    *FBI Statistics.…….


Are You Ready for a Possible Assault ?

If You Think You’re ReadyRead-on…

  • There are over 300 million guns in civilian hands in America
  • Where is YOUR GUN? and how accessible is it ?
  • What is your gun handling ability ?
  • What is your “Fight or Flight” reflex ?
  • Have you considered stray bullets?
  • The typical home alarm response is 6 minutes – 6 MINUTES ! — And much longer in most cases.
  • The typical police response even longer. 



The REAL Home Invasion MATH

  • An intruder reaches their victim in 4 to 7 sec after entering the residence
  • YOUR typical Reaction Reflex is greater than 5 sec
  • Unless you’re carrying a gun, getting YOUR gun from its nearby hidden place takes over 40 sec – best case!!!
  • YOUR “Fight or Flight” reaction is unknown; differs based on training, and personal fear level
  • Your Personal Protection Dog will reach an intruder in 2 to 3 seconds maximum.


DON’T be Victimized?

  • Most Home Invasions are deterred by the presence of a well trained dog
  • A single well trained dog can fight multiple intruders
  • A Family Protection Dog is a pet first
  • A Protection dog’s reaction-time is immediate, and will reach an intruder in 2-3 seconds maximum
  • Protection Dogs are Powerful; Disciplined; Reliable and Courageous
  • You CAN call back a dog (not a bullet)


Can You Defend Your Family Today ?

A well trained “Personal Protection Dog” CAN, and WILL — without fear


Watch some of our past candidates demonstrating their personal protection skills
Video-01,   Video-02,   Video-03,   Video-04,   Video-05,   Video-06,   Video-07


Once your family has come to the important decision that you need a Personal Protection dog (i.e.: Executive Protection Dog; Family Protection Dog) to protect your family. You will have many decisions in trying to complete your purchase. The first decision tree is important:

  1. Do you want a finished, complete and fully trained Family Protection dog that will be ready to defend your family NOW?, or
  2. Do you want a puppy for you to raise and train (with our help)?, and guaranteed to do Personal Protection when fully grown, or 
  3. Do you actually have a pet that may be a suitable candidate for personal protection training?   Find out if this is an option for you.  



This is a critical decision point, since ability, availability, and cost can differ substantially. Explore your choices by calling or emailing us for more details about Personal Protection Dogs. 

Regardless of your choice, K9 University has a solution for you and your family, as well as your budget. We feel that since we offer everything in the canine protection arena, we are unbiased with our coaching of your real personal protection needs. We base our coaching on your immediate, and long-term perceived threat.

Once you’ve acquired a K9 University Personal Protection Dog, you will never go back to other solutions.  Please ask us for our references; we are proud of our life-lasting training and our superb Personal Protection dogs.

We recognize that a well trained dog is not the least expensive option on the menu, we also recognize that it is by far the most reliable.  Check our prices for completed dogs, as well as the cost for training your own dog.  




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